DICONELCI COMMERCIALIZE TITAN Z SERIES DSG-CANUSA IN MEXICO, INDIA, COLOMBIA, PERU, ECUADOR, BOLIVIA Since 2016, DICONELCI commercialize DSG-CANUSA brand for Mexico, India, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia. Thanks to the quality of its products, this brand has had the possibility to position itself as a provider in these countries, fulfilling with the quality and service standards. COLD SHRINK MEDIUM VOLTAGE CABLE TERMINATIONS Cold Shrink cable terminations for single core, 5 kV to 28 kV XLPE and EPR copper tape, drain wire, Unishield® or lead sheathed power cables... Read more DICONELCI COMMERCIALIZES HEAVY WALL CROSS-LINKED POLYOLEFIN TUBIN CT-081GP OF DSG-CANUSA BRAND IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, PERU, MEXICO, BOLIVIA, INDIA AND ARGENTINA. DICONELCI approach on commercialize products with high safety standards offers the high proportion cross-linked polyolefin and flame retardant pipe, providing maximum reliability for insulation protecting joints and cable terminations. The main component of the termination consists of a tube without traction 100% tested, along with a coextruded layer of electrical stress control graduation. This electric stress control layer is based on high technology and provides higher performance to electric impulses and... Read more DICONELCI ECUADOR HAS IN ITS PRODUCTS OF HIGH ROTATION PROPORTIONAL RELIEF VALVES RV, RL AND RM SERIES IN THE BRAND FITOK FITOK relief valves OPEN when system pressure reaches the set pressure and CLOSE when system pressure falls below the set pressure. Attention FITOK proportional relief valves should never be used as safety relief devices as defined in the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. FITOK proportional relief valves are not “Safety Accessories” as defined in the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. Proportional Relief Valves Interchangeability(functionality) Series RV RL-7 RL-8 RM Corresponding brand and series Swagelok R3A Series Swagelok RL3 Series Swagelok RL4... Read more DICONELCI COMMERCIALIZE SCOTCHKOTE LIQUID EPOXY COATING 323 IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, PERU, MEXICO, BOLIVIA, INDIA AND ARGENTINA. Scotchkote TM Liquid Epoxy Coating 323 is a two-part system designed to help protect steel pipe and other metal surfaces from the harsh affects of corrosion. Intended Uses As a patch material. As a girthweld coating. As an internal lining As a stand alone coating for pipe rehabilitation. Product Features No solvents needed. VOC as mixed 12 g/L. High build, up to 45 mils/1150 microns in one application. Applicable by cartridge, brush,... Read more DICONELCI STANDS OUT CYLINDER CONNECTIONS CGA DISS, CGA AND DIN SERIES DICONELCI, FITOK's exclusive representative for Ecuador, stands out its cylinder connections and some of its applications and characteristics are detailed as follows: Applications CGA DISS, CGA and DIN series cylinder connections from FITOK -valves and fittings- are used to attach to the compressed gas cylinders containing specialty gases and help deliver the specialty gases safely to your point of use while maintaining gas purity and integrity. Features 100% visual inspection of critical surfaces. Diverse... Read more