DICONELCI IS AN AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR OF NICOPRESS FOR ECUADOR, MEXICO, PERU, BOLIVIA & COLOMBIA SINCE 2015 Since 1901, we have designed and manufactured a range of tools and connection and terminating solutions for applications in electrical cable, wire rope and fiber rope. The markets we serve include: UTILITY MILITARY / DEFENSE OEM / INDUSTRIAL OIL EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION Nicopress, the best-known brand of "The National Telephone Supply Company", is the industry standard in pioneering design, top-quality manufacturing and reliable service. We are specialists. Our systems are perfectly integrated;... Read more DICONELCI COMMERCIALIZES HEAVY WALL CROSS-LINKED POLYOLEFIN TUBIN CT-081GP OF DSG-CANUSA BRAND IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, PERU, MEXICO, BOLIVIA, INDIA AND ARGENTINA. DICONELCI approach on commercialize products with high safety standards offers the high proportion cross-linked polyolefin and flame retardant pipe, providing maximum reliability for insulation protecting joints and cable terminations. The main component of the termination consists of a tube without traction 100% tested, along with a coextruded layer of electrical stress control graduation. This electric stress control layer is based on high technology and provides higher performance to electric impulses and... Read more DICONELCI IS THE EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIVE OF FITOK – VALVES AND FITTINGS – FOR ECUADOR SINCE 2014 Founded in 1998, FITOK Group is an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of superior high-quality instrumentation valves and fittings. FITOK - valves and fittings - has R&D centers, manufacturing facilities, warehousing and service locations in Offenbach Germany, Texas USA, Shenzhen China and Dubai UAE, being capable of manufacturing four different products categories, including: General Instrumentation Valves and Fittings Medium & High Pressure Valves and Fittings High Purity & Ultra High Purity... Read more DICONELCI COMMERCIALIZES TMC PRODUCTS WITH HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, MEXICO, ARGENTINA & PERU. The TMC is a cable gland for shielded and non-shielded cable, composed of aluminum, which allows it to function correctly in temperatures from -25 ° C to + 65 ° C. The HUB is the essential complement for the TMC, both are commercialized by DICONELCI. Cable type supported Metal-clad. Interlocked or continuously corrugated armoured or aluminum cable. Features Stainless steel copper-plated spring provides grounding continuity of cable armour. Sealed seal on the outer... Read more TMCX CABLE FITTINGS ARE COMMERCIALIZED BY DICONELCI IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, PERU, MEXICO, BOLIVIA, INDIA & ARGENTINA. TMCX Cable Fittings are designed for use with Type MC/MC-HL jacketed metal-clad cable, interlocked armour and continuous corrugated armour, TECK, ITC and Type TC/TC-ER/TC-ER-HL tray cable in hazardous (classified) locations when installed, in accordance with NEC/CEC. It is the fastest and easiest solution to implement an explosionproof seal. Simplified construction reduces installation time and minimize incorrect assembly. Simple and easy selection process for field preparation and ensure a correct selection. ... Read more