DICONELCI PRESENTS THE MH SERIES, MM OF FITOK, FLEXIBLE METAL HOSES The flexible hoses of FITOK are an excellent solution for dynamic applications, which require to conduct fluids between a static point and another in movements or misaligned pipes guaranteeing airtightness. The FITOK MH and MM series are characterized by: Central tube and mounting material: 316 stainless steel. Embossed material: 304 stainless steel. Vacuum and positive pressure applications. Working pressure up to: 3100 psig (213 bar). Hose size: 1/4’’ to 2’’. Working... Read more DICONELCI CONSOLIDATED COMMERCIAL PRESENCE IN COUNTRIES LIKE ECUADOR, COLOMBIA AND BOLIVIA IN CAPILLARY TUBE LINE Tubing, the fifth product line. Instrumentation Tubing Coiled tubing. Straight-length tubing. Heat Trace Tubing Steam trace tubing. High Purity Tubing Straight-length tubing, inner surface roughness Ra≤20 in Straight-length tubing, inner surface roughness Ra≤10 in Medium and High-Pressure Tubing Straight-length tubing, pressure up to 60,000 psig Jacketed Tubing and Insulated Tubing PVC jacketed tubing. Fibrous glass insulated tubing. ... Read more DICONELCI PRIORITIZES QUALITY AND SAFETY WITH FITOK SS-PE-NS8 FEMALE ELBOW Characterized by excellent resistance, the FITOK SS-PE-NS8 female elbow not only provides safety and quality to its users, it also maximizes the flow between connections, preventing its expansion. Its compact design enhances the versatility, durability, and workload you may have, causing it to be the best representative of your brand. CHARACTERISTICS Elbow data radius joint design provides a smooth flow path. Each accessory is marked with size, material and heat number. ... Read more DICONELCI STANDS OUT CYLINDER CONNECTIONS CGA DISS, CGA AND DIN SERIES DICONELCI, FITOK's exclusive representative for Ecuador, stands out its cylinder connections and some of its applications and characteristics are detailed as follows: Applications CGA DISS, CGA and DIN series cylinder connections from FITOK -valves and fittings- are used to attach to the compressed gas cylinders containing specialty gases and help deliver the specialty gases safely to your point of use while maintaining gas purity and integrity. Features 100% visual inspection of critical surfaces. Diverse... Read more DICONELCI COMMERCIALIZE FITOK PIPE TERMINALS SS-CM-FL4-NS4 THE BEST OF SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY Commercialized high-end connection tubes, allows the transport of fluids safely and efficiently. Best solution for any type of use with highest quality standards on the market. Features Sizes range from 1/16" to 2" and 2 mm to 50 mm. Diverse materials and configurations are available. Precision machined components ensure perfect deformation of the ferrules and tubing. Hardened threads with smooth surface finish avoid galling and help to extend the fitting service... Read more