DICONELCI INTERNATIONAL LLC SELLS BRANDS RECOGNIZED BY THE NATURAL GAS AND PETROLEUM INDUSTRY IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, BOLIVIA, PERU, INDIA AND ARGENTINA Thanks to business agreements, exclusive representatives and authorized distributors DICONELCI INTERNATIONAL LLC can deliver products to different countries around the world with brands recognized for their reliability, warranties and services. Mechanical Instrumentation: FITOK Valves & Fittings* RATHGIBSON CAPLINE CAPILLARY TUBE Electrical Instrumentation: GENERAL CABLE OKONITE BELDEN DECA-CABLES PRIORITY WIRE CROUSE-HINDS APPLETON RAWELT DSG-CANUSA (SHAWCOR) NICOPRESS BES Cable Protectors: MYKOWELL Maintenance of BES Cable Protectors DICONELCI’s strategic associations allow it to offer top level products that... Read more DICONELCI IS THE AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR OF DSG-CANUSA BY SHAWCOR FOR ECUADOR SINCE 2017 AND COMMERCIALIZE IN COLOMBIA, BOLIVIA, MEXICO, PERU AND ARGENTINA DSG-Canusa is the complete source for heat shrink tubing products and heat shrinkable related technology. Our product offering includes polyolefin, fluoropolymer, elastomer and PVC heat shrinkable based materials in thin, medium and heavy walled tubing as well as heat shrink accessories and equipment. Polymer and adhesive technology is at the core of our business, quality and performance are second to none. A commitment to develop unique solutions for customer applications... Read more DICONELCI COMMERCIALIZE THE BEST GAUGE VALVES FITOK SERIES GV, GVH AND GR IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA AND BOLIVIA. FITOK gauge valves commercialized by DICONELCI are used for maintenance, protection, instruments calibration, sampling, flow regulation and more. Each GV/GR Series gauge valve leak tested with Nitrogen or compressed air at the maximum working pressure, each GVH Series gauge valve leak tested with water at 1.1 times the maximum working pressure. The precision provided by FITOK gauge valves stand out by features: Working pressure up to: Stainless steel: GV, GR up... Read more DICONELCI COMMERCIALIZE SCOTCHKOTE LIQUID EPOXY COATING 323 IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, PERU, MEXICO, BOLIVIA, INDIA AND ARGENTINA. Scotchkote TM Liquid Epoxy Coating 323 is a two-part system designed to help protect steel pipe and other metal surfaces from the harsh affects of corrosion. Intended Uses As a patch material. As a girthweld coating. As an internal lining As a stand alone coating for pipe rehabilitation. Product Features No solvents needed. VOC as mixed 12 g/L. High build, up to 45 mils/1150 microns in one application. Applicable by cartridge, brush,... Read more DICONELCI COMMERCIALIZES HEAVY WALL CROSS-LINKED POLYOLEFIN TUBIN CT-081GP OF DSG-CANUSA BRAND IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, PERU, MEXICO, BOLIVIA, INDIA AND ARGENTINA. DICONELCI approach on commercialize products with high safety standards offers the high proportion cross-linked polyolefin and flame retardant pipe, providing maximum reliability for insulation protecting joints and cable terminations. The main component of the termination consists of a tube without traction 100% tested, along with a coextruded layer of electrical stress control graduation. This electric stress control layer is based on high technology and provides higher performance to electric impulses and... Read more