DICONELCI IS A DISTRIBUTOR OF THE MOST IMPORTANT BRANDS OF CAPILLARY TUBING IN STAINLESS STEEL FOR ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, BOLIVIA, PERU AND ARGENTINA CONTROL LINES AND INJECTION OF CHEMICALS The capillary tubing for the control lines and the injection of chemicals lines has two presentations, individually depending on the application of each client. They are detailed below: STRAIGHT CAPILLARIES TUBES Straight capillary tubes are used in the construction of oil platforms and chemical units; its function is to transport fluids. The characteristics of the straight capillary tubes are given by the diameter that range from 1/8 ” to 1″, and the wall thickness. It can... Read more DICONELCI COMMERCIALIZES NICOPRESS 53-XPJ THE MECHANICAL COMPRESSION TOOL TO OBTAIN STRONG AND RELIABLE JOINTS The NICOPRESS 53-XPJ Mechanical Compression Tool is a manually operated tool. Equipped with three permanent die grooves X, P and J that allow compression of various NICOPRESS copper or copperweld connectors. Engineered for field conditions and made of forged steel with specially hardened working surfaces. Additionally the design allows strong and reliable joints, this generates the maximum flow between the joint and the material. All these advantages with a minimum of... Read more DICONELCI COMMERCIALIZES HEAT SHRINK CABLE TERMINATIONS CT SERIES OF DSG-CANUSA IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, MEXICO, BOLIVIA, PERU E INDIA. The CT Series thermal shrink terminals from DGS-CANUSA support from 5 to 35 KV, its versatile design is compatible with unipolar and tripolar cables, unshielded, shielded with metallic tape, ground wire, bare concentric neutral and with jacket and LC type. Features and Benefits Decrease in costs due to it is fast and consistent installation. Torch use adds flexibility to cable preparation in any weather. Heat-activated seal ensures maximum protection against moisture... Read more DICONELCI INTERNATIONAL LLC SELLS BRANDS RECOGNIZED BY THE NATURAL GAS AND PETROLEUM INDUSTRY IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, BOLIVIA, PERU, INDIA AND ARGENTINA Thanks to business agreements, exclusive representatives and authorized distributors DICONELCI INTERNATIONAL LLC can deliver products to different countries around the world with brands recognized for their reliability, warranties and services. Mechanical Instrumentation: FITOK Valves & Fittings* RATHGIBSON CAPLINE CAPILLARY TUBE Electrical Instrumentation: GENERAL CABLE OKONITE BELDEN DECA-CABLES PRIORITY WIRE CROUSE-HINDS APPLETON RAWELT DSG-CANUSA (SHAWCOR) NICOPRESS BES Cable Protectors: MYKOWELL Maintenance of BES Cable Protectors DICONELCI’s strategic associations allow it to offer top level products that... Read more DICONELCI CONSOLIDATED COMMERCIAL PRESENCE IN COUNTRIES LIKE ECUADOR, COLOMBIA AND BOLIVIA IN CAPILLARY TUBE LINE Tubing, the fifth product line. Instrumentation Tubing Coiled tubing. Straight-length tubing. Heat Trace Tubing Steam trace tubing. High Purity Tubing Straight-length tubing, inner surface roughness Ra≤20 in Straight-length tubing, inner surface roughness Ra≤10 in Medium and High-Pressure Tubing Straight-length tubing, pressure up to 60,000 psig Jacketed Tubing and Insulated Tubing PVC jacketed tubing. Fibrous glass insulated tubing. ... Read more