DSG-Canusa is the complete source for heat shrink tubing products and heat shrinkable related technology. Our product offering includes polyolefin, fluoropolymer, elastomer and PVC heat shrinkable based materials in thin, medium and heavy walled tubing as well as heat shrink accessories and equipment. Polymer and adhesive technology is at the core of our business, quality and performance are second to none. A commitment to develop unique solutions for customer applications has earned DSG-Canusa a reputation for excellent customer service.

A variety of heat shrink and cold applied sleeves and shape products are offered to seal and protect wire and cable connections in low voltage electrical applications.

For example, CFW, with its heavy wall and superior split resistance is ideal for underground, direct burial splice sealing applications. CFW is rated to 1 kV and with our proprietary adhesive CFW provides excellent environmental sealing and is qualified to ANSI and UL 486D standards.

DSG-Canusa’s 5 – 35 kV rated medium voltage cable accessory products are factory designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards to offer a comprehensive range of termination and joint kits for a variety of cables used by Electrical, Utility and Industrial contractors. For example, the CT G Series heat shrink termination kits are used on shielded power cables and contain all the necessary tubing, sealant the grounding hardware components to make a fast, consistent installation and deliver outstanding performance.

Single Wall cross-linked polyolefin heat shrink products, such as CPX 100, are used for electrical insulation and strain relief in an endless number of industries and applications. CPX 100 is widely used since it is RoHS compliant and meets the performance requirements of UL and Military.

Dual wall heat shrink tubing is a cross-linked polyolefin tube that is extruded with an inner layer of adhesive. Upon recovery of dual wall heat shrink, the inner layer of adhesive will melt and flow.

Medium and heavy wall tubing is used in a variety of applications to seal and protect wire and cable connections. For general purpose sealing and cable re-jacketing applications, CFM, a medium wall tubing is available in expanded tube diameters up to 9.0 inches. Combined with the superior bond of the hot melt adhesive CFMprovides a watertight seal to cover the largest application range offered in the industry.

Non-polyolefin heat shrink products are made from base materials such as Viton®, Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), and Neoprene to provide improved properties for:

  • Fluid resistance
  • High temperatures
  • Abrasion resistance