DICONELCI, marketer of industrial equipment and representative of the brand FITOK – valves and fittings – for Ecuador and Colombia, has stood out in the first quarter of this year the following products:


The BOSS-FL6-05 BALL VALVE  is created to provide confidence and high performance, thanks to its design, it is used in fully open and fully closed positions, it also supports a working pressure up to 10,000 PSIG (690 bar) and works perfectly in temperatures ranging from -18℃ to 232℃. The anti-explosion relief system is highlighted as well as its leak proof structure to be used with nitrogen and compressed air among other features which makes it one of the best articles within its category.

In order for the duration of the valve in storage to be greater and for better quality maintenance, these valves should be kept in an open position.


The hexagonal coupling SS-PHN-NS8 has a radial union design, which provides an unvarying flow path. All couplings are marked with size, material and lot number (HEAT NUMBER). Its smooth surface finish helps to extend its useful life and ensuring the connections according to the installation’s needs.

The confidence and quality offered by these products is shown in its inventory’s outflow. These two have the highest rotation in DICONELCI‘s mechanical instrumentation line in the first quarter of the current year.