DICONELCI has associated with several capillary tube manufacturers such as CAPLINE CAPILLARY TUBE and RATHGIBSON.  This allows us to offer the highest quality product that guarantees our customers’ satisfaction.

DICONELCI commercialize welded and seamless capillary tubes both as straight tubes and coils in several diameters and thicknesses.  Thanks to several sales agreements with manufacturers we have become the main suppliers of capillary tubing for several customers around the world.  We distribute more than 15,000 feet per month to different countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru and Argentina from our headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Capillary tubes, as all of the products that DICONELCI sells, are approved by the most important oil and gas companies.

Included in the services we offer for capillary tubes are cutting the product to required measures for the product in coils, encapsulated and drainage lines.

Below is a spreadsheet with measurements available for capillary tubes. 

OD Inch WT Inch OD Inch WT Inch OD Inch WT Inch OD inch WT Inch OD Inch WT Inch
1/4 0.035 3/8 0.035 1/2 0.035 5/8 0.035 3/4 0.035
1/4 0.049 3/8 0.049 1/2 0.049 5/8 0.049 3/4 0.049
3/8 0.065 1/2 0.065 5/8 0.065 3/4 0.065
3/8 0.083 1/2 0.083 5/8 0.083 3/4 0.083
OD = Outside diameter, WT = Wall thickness