Terminations sold by DSG-CANUSA have several advantages: they fit cables with 1 and 3 conductors; they work with both inside and outside applications; they have excellent anti-moisture sealant; they have unbeatable insulation characteristics and high weather resistance and good performance over the long term.

The terminals are easy to install even at low temperatures, and their performance is not distorted in contaminated environments.

CT heat shrinkable terminations have capacities from 5 to 35 kV and are designed for one pole and three pole cables, not shielded and shielded with metal tape, grounded wire, bare and neutral, concentric and with a jacket and LC type. The terminations use heat activated mastic sealant which unequivocally stick to plastics and metal to provide excellent protection against moisture getting in.

Electrical power at the cutting point of the semiconductor tape is controlled through the use of a control tube probe with control power and sealant that provides a homogeneous interface, free of cavities and a redundant sealant. The CT termination series are designed with outside insulation materials. There is no superficial bending which provides resistance to damage due to ultraviolet rays and a self-cleaning exterior surface that avoids the formation of environmental contaminants to eliminate source of surface bending.


  • Quick and consistent installations means lower installations costs.
  • Installation environment: Use of welding equipment adds flexibility to the preparation of the cable in any climate.
  • Heat activated sealant ensure maximum protection against the moisture getting in.
  • Specially made with options for your exact needs.
  • Light construction does not require additional support.
  • Wide range of cables to reduce inventory requirements.
  • Full-bodied outer shell, resistant to abrasion, no superficial arching.
  • Thin profile allows installation of cubicles confined to panels.

DICONELCI distributes and sells heat shrink terminations for power cables 1/c and 3/c, 5-35 kV, both covered and without covers.
The advantages and benefits offered by this product have placed it in the international market and for that reason since 2016 DICONELCI has made it available to its customers in Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru and India.