The multiple elements that are used both for the isolation of instruments and the applications of differential pressure. Instrument insulation includes, for example, the cut-off valve and the purge valve in a single block, which prevents failures in the joints. As for the manifests that are used in differential pressure systems, the advantage of incorporating in a single block up to 5 valves is essential.

Each 2D/2R/3D/3R/5D/5R Series manifold leak tested with Nitrogen or compressed air at the maximum working pressure, each 2DH/2RH/3DH/3RH/5DH/5RH Series manifold leak tested with water at 1.1 times the maximum working pressure.

FITOK manifolds features:

  • Working pressure up to
    • Stainless steel:
      • 2D, 2R, 3D, 3R, 5D, 5R up to 6000 psig (414 bar)
      • 2DH, 2RH, 3DH, 3RH, 5DH, 5RH up to 10000 psig (690 bar)
    • Alloy C-276: 2D, 2R, 3D, 3R, 5D, 5R up to 6000 psig (414 bar)
  • Working temperature:
    • PTFE packing: -65 F to 450 F (-54 C to 232 C)
    • Graphite packing: -65 F to 1200 F (-54 C to 649 C)
  • Orifice: 0.157 (4.0 mm)
  • Two-piece stem design: Upper stem threads cold rolled and hardened lower stem for high strength and smooth operation
  • Upper stem thread lubricant isolated from system media
  • Linear instead of rotary motion of the rising, non-rotating stem minimizes packing abrasion and reduces the friction between the seat and the tip
  • Safety back seating seals in fully open position
  • Steady and durable fastening of the handle by double lock-pins