The CT Series thermal shrink terminals from DGS-CANUSA support from 5 to 35 KV, its versatile design is compatible with unipolar and tripolar cables, unshielded, shielded with metallic tape, ground wire, bare concentric neutral and with jacket and LC type.

Features and Benefits

  • Decrease in costs due to it is fast and consistent installation.
  • Torch use adds flexibility to cable preparation in any weather.
  • Heat-activated seal ensures maximum protection against moisture entry.
  • Allows to customize and to need.
  • Lightweight construction does not require additional supports.
  • Wide range of cables for reduced inventory requirements.
  • Robust outer shell, resistant to abrasion, no superficial arching.
  • Slim profile allows installation in confined cubicles of boards.

The finishes use heat-activated putty seals that stick to plastics and metal to provide the best protection against moisture ingress. The electrical stresses at the cut-off point of the semiconductor ribbon are controlled with the use of a proven stress control tube and stress control sealant that provide a homogenous, cavity-free interface and redundant seal.

The CT series terminals are designed with external insulation, which does not allow surface arching and offers resistance to degradation by ultraviolet rays. It has a self-cleaning property that prevents the formation of contaminants from the environment to eliminate sources of surface arcing.