Maintaining the quality standard, the FITOK BPSS-FL6-10 ball valves are designed to channel fluids uniformly, allowing direct flow transport between both points, their optimal performance provides a balanced level in temperature changes, which represents greater reliability and security, supporting extended workloads.


  • Working pressure up to: 10000 psig (690 bar).
  • Working temperature: -40°Fto450°F (-40°C to 232°C).
  • Bidirectional flow for 2-way valves.
  • Seat wear compensation by free floating ball.
  • Variety of end connections.
  • Blowout proof stem with self-sealing function.
  • Handle color options available.
  • Optional pneumatic and electric actuator.
  • Leak-tight performance testing with nitrogen or compressed air for every valve at the rated pressure (not higher than 6000 psig) to meet the requirement of no visible leak.

Restricted flow path for BP series: only port 1 as inlet, port 2 and port 3 as outlet.