FITOK MANIFOLDS, THE BEST FEATURES OF DICONELCI SALES MARKET IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA AND BOLIVIA. The multiple elements that are used both for the isolation of instruments and the applications of differential pressure. Instrument insulation includes, for example, the cut-off valve and the purge valve in a single block, which prevents failures in the joints. As for the manifests that are used in differential pressure systems, the advantage of incorporating in a single block up to 5 valves is essential. Each 2D/2R/3D/3R/5D/5R Series manifold leak tested... Read more DICONELCI COMMERCIALIZES TMC PRODUCTS WITH HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, MEXICO, ARGENTINA & PERU. The TMC is a cable gland for shielded and non-shielded cable, composed of aluminum, which allows it to function correctly in temperatures from -25 ° C to + 65 ° C. The HUB is the essential complement for the TMC, both are commercialized by DICONELCI. Cable type supported Metal-clad. Interlocked or continuously corrugated armoured or aluminum cable. Features Stainless steel copper-plated spring provides grounding continuity of cable armour. Sealed seal on the outer... Read more DICONELCI COMMERCIALIZES THE BEST 4E VALVES RESILIENT SEAT KNIFE GATE VALVE The 4E Valves knife gate valves isolate the flow even in the most extreme conditions, taking into account the bi-directional flow. Offering a tight seal. Features: Design and manufacturing: MSS SP-81 Flange connection: ASME B16.5 Face to face: MSS SP-81 Low maintenance and installation cost Wear resistant Without excessive compression during installation ... Read more DICONELCI AND ITS FITOK BPSS-FL6-10 BALL VALVE IMPROVE THE PERFORMANCE OF ITS PROCESSES Maintaining the quality standard, the FITOK BPSS-FL6-10 ball valves are designed to channel fluids uniformly, allowing direct flow transport between both points, their optimal performance provides a balanced level in temperature changes, which represents greater reliability and security, supporting extended workloads. FEATURES: Working pressure up to: 10000 psig (690 bar). Working temperature: -40°Fto450°F (-40°C to 232°C). Bidirectional flow for 2-way valves. Seat wear compensation by free floating ball. Variety of end... Read more VL SERIES VACUUM TUBE FITTINGS WITH THE BEST INDUSTRY STANDARD AVAILABLE IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA AND BOLIVIA FITOK VL series stands out in the market for maintaining the highest industry standard, this has been helium leak tested to a -9 3 VL maximum leak rate of 4×10 std cm /s at ambient temperatura. FITOK VL vacuum fittings meet the requirements of “FITOK Standard Cleaning and Packaging”. Features Stainless steel construction, fluorocarbon FKM O-ring Available in tube sizes from 1/16'' to 11/2'' Working temperature: -25 F to 400 F (-31... Read more