DICONELCI INTERNATIONAL LLC SELLS BRANDS RECOGNIZED BY THE NATURAL GAS AND PETROLEUM INDUSTRY IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, BOLIVIA, PERU, INDIA AND ARGENTINA Thanks to business agreements, exclusive representatives and authorized distributors DICONELCI INTERNATIONAL LLC can deliver products to different countries around the world with brands recognized for their reliability, warranties and services. Mechanical Instrumentation: FITOK Valves & Fittings* RATHGIBSON CAPLINE CAPILLARY TUBE Electrical Instrumentation: GENERAL CABLE OKONITE BELDEN DECA-CABLES PRIORITY WIRE CROUSE-HINDS APPLETON RAWELT DSG-CANUSA (SHAWCOR) NICOPRESS BES Cable Protectors: MYKOWELL Maintenance of BES Cable Protectors DICONELCI’s strategic associations allow it to offer top level products that... Read more DICONELCI RENEWS ITS COMMERCIAL ALLIANCE WITH FITOK, AS AN AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR IN COLOMBIA AND EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIVE FOR ECUADOR Thanks to the effort and dedication invested by DICONELCI in Ecuador and Colombia markets to position FITOK products, developer and manufacturer of valves and fittings of high quality instrumentation, in May 2019, the exclusive distribution and representation of its 8 product categories in these markets was renewed, including: General Instrumentation Fittings. General Instrumentation Valves. Medium & High Pressure Fittings. Medium & High Pressure Valves. High Purity & Ultra High Purity... Read more DICONELCI PRIORITIZES QUALITY AND SAFETY WITH FITOK SS-PE-NS8 FEMALE ELBOW Characterized by excellent resistance, the FITOK SS-PE-NS8 female elbow not only provides safety and quality to its users, it also maximizes the flow between connections, preventing its expansion. Its compact design enhances the versatility, durability, and workload you may have, causing it to be the best representative of your brand. CHARACTERISTICS Elbow data radius joint design provides a smooth flow path. Each accessory is marked with size, material and heat number. ... Read more FITOK SERIES 6 PIPE ACCESSORIES, THE BEST IN THE MARKET FOR HIGH AND MEDIUM PRESSURE The FITOK series 60 presents the best technical characteristics in high and medium pressure:  Hardened threads with smooth surface finish prevent chafing and help prolong the life of the accessory. The design of the radio junction for the effects of a smooth flow path. Each accessory is marked with the size, material and lot number. Technical information Sizes range from 1/16 to 2. Pipe specifications NPT -... Read more TMCX CABLE FITTINGS ARE COMMERCIALIZED BY DICONELCI IN ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, PERU, MEXICO, BOLIVIA, INDIA & ARGENTINA. TMCX Cable Fittings are designed for use with Type MC/MC-HL jacketed metal-clad cable, interlocked armour and continuous corrugated armour, TECK, ITC and Type TC/TC-ER/TC-ER-HL tray cable in hazardous (classified) locations when installed, in accordance with NEC/CEC. It is the fastest and easiest solution to implement an explosionproof seal. Simplified construction reduces installation time and minimize incorrect assembly. Simple and easy selection process for field preparation and ensure a correct selection. ... Read more